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SFuels expands partnership with Run Catalina series through 2025

Following the successful collaboration on Catalina Marathon, the fuel source brand will be the official Nutrition Sponsor

AVALON, Calif. – The Hi-Tec Run Catalina series and SFuels have announced a new two-year partnership, making SFuels the Official Nutrition Sponsor of all three storied island running events. The collaboration will cover nutrition and hydration needs for runners throughout their race day experience in each event, as well as engaging offerings during their training and preparation.  

“I have seen so many companies enter this space only to fade away. It is really refreshing to see a company like SFuels enter the market,” said Mike Bone, President and CEO of Spectrum Sports Management, which produces the Run Catalina series. “SFuels knows their target audience, knows their strengths, has intelligible science behind the product. SFuels will not only be on the course but also provide a pre-race and post recovery product. Their granola breakfast was a huge hit at the marathon last year – the first time in over 40 years we were able to provide a pre-race meal that worked.”

“Our experience providing quality nutrition, fuel and hydration at the Catalina Island Marathon this year left us wanting more. We received such a warm welcome from participants and the team that brings Run Catalina to life,” said Leighton Phillips, founder of SFuels. “Watching runners reach their goals, and showing strong appetite for healthy high performance nutrition products is encouraging to us, so we’re looking forward to our partnership with Run Catalina events, and supporting the ultra-running community!”

SFuels PRIMED caffeine drink sachets will be available pre-race to participants, plus SFuels Keto3 breakfast cereal and LIFE Bars. SFuels RACE+ fueling drink will be found at all of the races aid-stations on the routes for each event. SFuels Revival will be provided at the finish lines for recovery post-race.

SFuels will also partner with world-record-setting ultra runner Zach Bitter to produce an educational series for Run Catalina runners as they prepare to take on the island’s dirt roads and trails, which feature sweeping vistas, ocean views, and the occasional sighting of an American Bison. Bitter and SFuels, will highlight the practical application of improving fat-oxidation efficiency, and glycogen preservation for ultra-endurance training and racing. 

Run Catalina will host the Catalina Island Half Marathon next on Nov. 11. The Avalon Benefit 50 Mile/50K Run will follow on Jan. 6, 2024. The Catalina Marathon will take place on Mar. 9, 2024. Participants can earn the Catalina Island Triple Crown belt buckle by completing all three events within a 12-month period. No additional registration is required.

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About Run Catalina and Spectrum Sports Management
Created and managed by Spectrum Sports Management, Run Catalina is a series of endurance races on Southern California’s beautiful and rugged Catalina Island. A recognized leader in endurance and sporting events in Southern California, Spectrum Sports Management & Timing Services creates a wide range of events and has over 50 years of collective industry experience. Spectrum Sports Management emphasizes delivering a premiere, professional and world-class service to their clients, their participants, and the communities in which they work. To learn more, visit

About SFuels
SFuels was founded in 2018 by Leighton and Nicole Phillips and is committed to creating clean nutrition products to train fat oxidation efficiency for low-intensity training, and efficient fat-carbohydrate oxidation for endurance racing. SFuels portfolio includes products that utilize rapid gut-transit non-fructose starch for high-intensity training and competitive racing. They emphasize the RIGHT FUEL at the RIGHT TIME approach, in supporting more efficient oxidation of fuel-substrates, in best preserving limited muscle glycogen stores, for stable performance and strong finishes. The company emphasizes in its ‘Go Longer’ philosophy, the importance of endurance performance in the moment, as well as long-term health and wellness. SFuels products are free from gluten, artificial flavors, artificial colors, added fructose and sugar alcohols. For more information, visit