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 Starting Line 1928 – The Grace Butcher Interview

Before the emergence of running pioneer Julia Chase Brand in 1961, Grace Butcher and others led an era (1958 – 1960) when the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) began to allow women to race beyond 220 yards.

The Starting Line 1928 project is a series of podcast interviews that for the first time tells women running history stories about these early years of our sport. This includes interviews with the early African American women long distance running pioneers.

Here’s the link to the Grace Butcher Interview:

Also, I’ve attached a 1962 article written by Grace titled “United States Women Need Miles as Well as Yards.” This was published in the quarterly Road Runners Club: New York Association Newsletter.

Gary Corbitt
Archivist: Theodore Corbitt Institute for Running History Research
Historian: National Black Marathoners Association (NBMA)
September 2023