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Michael Fanelli Obituary, lifelong Native Of California, Has Tragically Passed Away

Ruby Monroe, November 27, 2023

Michael Fanelli Obituary, Death – We grieve for our friends and family in PA over this news. Run calmly, Mike Fanelli! “I thank my lucky stars for the day I got bit by the running bug.” Fanelli Mike From Fanelli Renay Weissberger To my family and friends, I regret to notify you that Michael passed away at home, surrounded by his loved ones, from brain cancer. He was quite private, even in spite of his prominence. He wanted to live, not die, therefore he made the decision to withhold his diagnosis from others.

Glioblastoma was the diagnosis for Michael more than a year ago. But he went on this journey with all the determination, self-control, honor, and optimism he had always had. “Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the final third, with your heart,” he counseled racers. This was his approach to his illness.

He continued to jog as one of his favorite activities. In October, he accomplished his aim of traveling 115,000 kilometers, or four times around the globe. As many of you are aware, Michael has always loved coaching and mentoring. He tried to share his conviction that there was plenty in the world. He was able to inspire and impact a lot of people using this way. Outside of his comfort zone, Michael discovered magic. He said in a podcast a few years ago, “As long as I finish…” I’m happy knowing I couldn’t have run faster.”