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K. Ken Nakamura

Tokyo Marathon Stats

Kipchoge won 4th WMM (2014 Chicago, 2015 Berlin, 2016 London, 2022 Tokyo)
Previously Wilson Kipsang also won 4 WMM (2012 London, 2013 Berlin, 2014 New York, 2017 Tokyo)

2:18:18 by Gotytom Gebreslase tied best 3rd place time in history

Five runners cracked 2:20; In three other races, 2021 London, 2019 and 2020 Valencia, five runners cracked 2:20;
in 2020 Valencia six runners cracked 2:20.

The combined winning time for men and women in the Tokyo Marathon is 4:18:42 (2:02:40 + 2:16:02), the fastest in history by more than a minute.  
Previous best was at 2019 Chicago Marathon where the sum was 4:19:49 (2:05:45+2:14:04)

Married couple Kengo Suzuki (2:05:28) and Mao Ichiyama (2:21:02) ran fastest combined time (4:26:30)for a married couple in a single race.
With 2:05:28 today, Suzuki now has two fastest times by Japanese; Osako has third fastest time by Japanese, 2:05:29.  
"It was mentally very tough year after I set a national record in the Lake Biwa Marathon.  
I think I finally overcame it today."  said Suzuki after the race.

Kosgei now has two of the three fastest time in history; Radcliffe has second fastest time

Kipchoge now has All-Comer's record in GER, GBR and JPN, but not in USA.

22 runners run sub-2:09 in Tokyo.  Not quite a record for 24 runner cleared 2:09 in 2020. 28 runners cracked 2:09 in 2021 Lake Biwa

Kipchoge now has 3 of the 4 fastest marathon in history. Bekele has 2nd fastest marathon.

New JPN All-comers record for Eliud Kipchoge; JPN all-comers record is now third fastest behind GER and GBR
previous record was 2:03:58 by Wilson Kipsang from 2017 Tokyo Marathon

New JPN All-comers record for Brigid Kosgei; JPN all-comers record is now third fastest behind USA and GBR
previous record was 2:17:45 by Lonah Salpeter from 2020 Tokyo Marathon

35 yeas old Yuki Sato who recorded half marathon PR earlier in Feb, ran PR at the marathon also.