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Marine Completes Semper Fi Challenge Sweep With MCM Victory

 Over 16,000 crossed the finish line as the event returned to live running since 2019


QUANTICO, VA (October 30, 2022) – U.S. Marine Corps Captain Kyle King, from Yucca Valley, California won the 47th Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) on Sunday, October 30 in the event’s return to live running since 2019.


King, 33, first won the Marine Corps Historic Half in Fredericksburg, Virginia in May before becoming the 47th MCM Overall Male Champion with a time of 2:19:19. “I have been wanting to do the Marine Corps Marathon for about as long as I have been a Marine, so eight years now,” said King. “It was pretty cool doing the Historic Half as it was like a tune up for this. It was fun as both of these races have been with the All-Marine Running Team. We don’t get to train together too often, but it’s fun when we get to put the singlet on together.”


King is a member of the 2022 All-Marine Running Team. The Semper Fidelis Challenge celebrates the runners who completed the live Marine Corps Historic Half or Devil Dog Double and the MCM or the MCM50K this weekend.


Chelsea Baker, 32, was the top MCM female with a time of 2:42:38. Baker competed as part of the Royal Navy Team in the Challenge Cup Competition, a friendly battle between the Royal Marines and Royal Navy versus the U.S. Marine Corps All-Marine Running Team. “It’s been the perfect day. I came and ran in 2019 when the weather was awful so I came back with some unfinished business there,” said Baker. “The crowds are amazing.”


Another notable 47th MCM finisher includes Gen. David H. Berger, 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps who served as the official MCM Wheels Division starter with a time of 5:46:36. SgtMaj. Troy E. Black, 19th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, also celebrated the weekend by participating in the MCM10K, finishing in 1:02:25.


Frank Shorter, 1972 Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist served as the MCM ceremonial starter in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of his Golden Moment. United States of America Track and Field (USATF) Board of Directors Member Mitch Garner kicked off the morning as the MCM50K starter.


Over 16,700 accomplished the mission in either the MCM, MCM10K or the MCM50K. The marathon welcomed 11,271 finishers, the MCM10K had 4,482 finishers while another 982 successfully completed the MCM50K.


Top event unofficial results:


Marathon Male Top Three Results

            1. Kyle King, 33, Yucca Valley, California, 2:19:19

            2. Jonathan Mott, 35, Lakeland, Florida, 2:22:46

            3. Ryan Udvadia, 26, Clifton Park, New York, 2:27:36


Marathon Female Top Three Results

            1. Chelsea Baker, 32, Stroud, United Kingdom, 2:42:38

            2. Cara Sherman, 25, Clifton Park, New York, 2:47:08

            3. Bonnie Keating, 37, San Diego, California, 2:47::47


MCM Wheelchair/Handcycle Top Male Three Results

            1. Kevin Hillery, 32, Alexandria, Virginia, 1:19:25

            2. Andrew Hairston, 29, Jacksonville, North Carolina, 1:35:26

            3. Dennis McGorty, 52, Westfield, New Jersey, 1:35:49


MCM Wheelchair/Handcycle Top Female Three Results

            1. Dianne Leigh Sumner, 63, Newton Grove, North Carolina, 2:06:33

            2. Devann Murphy, 43, Keeseville, New York, 2:11:15

            3. Holly Koester, 62, Walton Hills, Ohio, 2:14:46


MCM50K Male Top Three Results

            1. Chris Raulli, 34, Davidson, North Carolina, 3:05:45

            2. Michael Wardian, 45, Arlington, VA 3:18:27

            3. Jonathan Ladson, 31, Dale City, Virginia, 3:24:50


MCM50K Female Top Three Results

            1. Melissa Tanner, 41, Baltimore, Maryland, 3:22:15

            2. Liz Ozeki, 31, Rockville, Maryland, 3:33:05

            3. Lauren Cramer, 38, Hagerstown, Maryland, 3:49:43


MCM10K Male Top Three Results

1. Mark Hopely, 33, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 32:39

            2. Daniel Jacobs, 30, Fredrick, Maryland, 32:58

            3. Nick Foreman, 24, Washington D.C., 34:30


MCM10K Female Top Three Results:

            1. Mary Reiser, 28, Baltimore, Virginia, 35:58

            2. Sabrina Zator, 27, Arlington, Virginia, 38:09

            3. Grace Vandegrift, 29, Valrico, Florida, 38:24


Unofficial results are available on