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(29-Dec) -- Race Results Weekly, the world’s #1 provider of elite middle and long distance running results and news, will break with decades-old athletics tradition and list the results of women’s disciplines ahead of the men’s beginning with its first newsletter of 2021 on Monday, January 4. The change is intended to emphasize the importance of women’s competition.

“For decades it has been standard practice to show the men’s results of track meets and road races first then the women’s second,” said David Monti, who founded the New York-based publication in 1994 and still acts as editor and publisher.  “While this presentation was never intended to downplay women’s results, over time it has had that effect nonetheless.”

The practice of displaying the men’s results first is rooted in the early days of athletics when only men competed and nearly all fans, journalists, officials, and recordkeepers were men.  As women slowly joined the sport their results were displayed after the men’s, a policy which was partially justified by the fact that fewer women competed and that women’s marks were generally slower in running events, lower and shorter in jumping events, and not as long in throwing events.  That doesn’t make them any less valuable, Monti said.

“In a typical mixed-gender road race, the first finisher is usually a male athlete so it seemed to make sense to show the men’s results first followed by the women’s,” Monti said.  “But women’s results are not meant to be judged by the standards of male competitors, and putting the women’s results first will help readers look at them with fresh eyes, to appreciate them on their own merits.”

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