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On The Run

On the Run is a weekly running lifestyle show. Each episode gives insider access to pro athletes and inspirational local heroes, as well as news about community running programs and the running industry. With our weekly host, national journalist and blogger Karla Bruning, you can explore the lives of runners with behind-the-scenes stories, coaching and training tips, and exclusive interviews. Catch it on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m.!



Dec 3, 2016

Live AAU Cross County National Championships Tallahassee, Florida, US
Jan 13-14, 2017 Live Virginia Showcase Lynchburg, VA, US
Jan 14, 2017 Live Nittany Lion Challenge State College, PA, US
Jan 14, 2017 Live UW Indoor Preview Seattle, WA, US
Jan 21, 2017 Live Carnegie Mellon Invitational Geneva, OH, US
Jan 27, 2017 Live Villanova Open Staten Island, NY, US
Jan 27-28, 2017 Live SPIRE Midwest Open Geneva, OH, US
Jan 27-28, 2017 Live Penn State National State College, PA, US
Jan 27-28, 2017 Live UW Invitational Seattle, WA, US
Jan 28-29, 2017 Live Ocean Breeze Invitational Staten Island, NY, US
Feb 4, 2017 Live Wildcat Invitational Staten Island, NY, US
Feb 10, 2017 Live Fastrack National Invitational Staten Island, NY, US
Feb 10-11, 2017 Live Iowa State Classic Ames, IA, US
Feb 10-11, 2017 Live Husky Classic Seattle, WA, US
Feb 12, 2017 Live UW Indoor Open Seattle, WA, US
Feb 19, 2017 Live Austin Marathon Austin, TX, US


*Running on the Yes Network

The Series now reaches 50 million households in 23 states on various FOX Regional Networks: YES; FOX Sports Arizona; FOX Sports Midwest; SportsTime Ohio; Prime Ticket; SportSouth; FOX Sports Florida / Sun Sports.  The Series also airs as part of the YES Network schedule of DirecTV and the sports packages of Verizon Fios and AT&T Uverse.  The Series also airs throughout the Caribbean.  YES Network airtimes are below. For the airtimes on the FOX Regional Network in your area please visit their websites.  #RunningNational


Highlights of the JANUARY 2017 episode can be seen at:

YES Network Airtimes can be viewed at this link:

RUNNING YES Network airdates



Jan 7, Sat, 6:00am

Jan 15, Sun, 11:30pm

Jan 23, Mon, 7:30am

Jan 8, Sun, 6:30am

Jan 16, Mon, 7:30am

Jan 23, Mon, 1:30pm

Jan 9, Mon, 7:30am

Jan 17, Tues, 7:30am

Jan 24, Tues, 1:30am

Jan 9, Mon, 1:30am

Jan 18, Thurs, 11:30am

Jan 25, Wed, 8:00am

Jan 10, Tues, 8:30am

Jan 20, Fri, 7:00am

Jan 28, Sat, 6:00am

Jan 11, Wed, 12:30pm

Jan 20, Fri, 2:00pm

Jan 28, Sat, 11:30am

Jan 11, Wed, 12:30am

Jan 21, Sat, 6:00am

Jan 29, Sun, 6:30am

Jan 12, Thurs, 8:00am

Jan 21, Sat, noon

Jan 29, Sun, noon

Jan 13, Fri, 11:00am

Jan 22, Sun, 6:30am

Jan 30, Mon, 7:30am

Jan 14, Sat, 6:00am

Jan 22, Sun, 11:00pm

Jan 30, Tues, noon

Jan 15, Sun, 6:30am




Additional airs not yet  scheduled

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January 2017 Content Overview

·         Best way to get a running start on the New Year…New York Road Runners Midnight Run.  Join the fireworks and look ahead to all those fun miles in the coming months.

·         A quick sprint to get your next twelve month adventure off to a brisk beginning. Coney Island Polar Bear Club’s New Year’s Day Plunge draws an eclectic group of dedicated splashers. After this, the rest of the year is warm and fuzzy.

·         To the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex on Staten Island is on the move throughout the season, with age group, scholastic, intercollegiate and open competition. Take that baton and go…

·         To Portland, Oregon for the Nike Cross- Country Nationals, featuring the top high school harriers in the country.  You go a little harder because the team needs you.

·         From the RUNNING Series Archive, a “Great Moment in Racing”.  The 1980 New York City Marathon.  In his first marathon, Alberto Salazar defies critics and delivers big time.

·         A look at some of the top events to look forward to in the coming year.  The March NYC Half-Marathon, with a start in Central Park and an adventure on Seventh Avenue and 42nd street. The June Mt. Washington Road Race in New Hampshire, 7.6 miles…but it’s only one hill.  And the September Fifth Avenue Mile.  20 fast blocks and you’re done.

·         Waikiki beach is a recreational paradise, and just down the road, the starting line of the Honolulu Marathon. Lots of action in the Aloha State!


 For further information on RUNNING National contact: Ambrose Salmini at (

Largest Participatory Media Sports Archive in the word: Visit, editorial video, search Salmini. 

Salmini Sportfilm offers two significant promotional opportunities to races and sponsors.  RaceDayVideo:  Our video crews capture highlights of the event and post within hours the same day.  RaceDayVideos have commentary, they are not just music videos. The race posts the link on all their social media outlets and web page, thus giving an “immediate” race and sponsor enhancement. Then a fully produced race highlight airs in the next available episode of the RUNNING National Broadcast Series to a universe of 50 million households across the U.S. and Caribbean.  Thus event/sponsor gets the best of both worlds – social media placement and national broadcast.

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In addition to the YES Network itself, RUNNING HD is available nationally on DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS.  Additional availability: Blue Ridge Cable- Pennsylvania; Bright House Network & Hotwire-Florida; Mediacom-Iowa; Metrocast-Maryland & Virginia; Time Warner Cable-North & South Carolina.