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GROSSE POINTE (MI) – On Saturday, July 18, eight professional athletes represented by Michigan-based Elite Runner Management (ERM) raced a virtual marathon relay for Detroit victims of COVID-19 and to support the non-profit, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. The race was a “fantastic success,” according to Chris Mengel, founder and owner of the sports agency. “We far exceeded our expectations by raising over $5,700 for the charity & registering over 80 donors,” Mengel said, “And donations are still coming in!”
To get the team to the full marathon distance of 26.2 miles, each of the eight ERM athletes raced a leg of 3.275 miles (5.270km) in their respective hometowns. Donors were asked to guess the team’s finishing time. Mengel’s eight athletes -- Patrick Rizzo, Carlos Trujillo, Tim Young, Weldon Kirui, Nicole DiMercurio, Iveen Chepkemoi, Zach Hine, and Rachel Walny -- ran their respective legs at 10AM eastern time.
The team had a combined finishing time of 2:20:04 for the 26.2 miles. Fastest time for the 3.275-mile /5.270-kilometer leg was recorded by Weldon Kirui, running in his hometown of Bomet, Kenya, who finished in 14:58. Running in a different country on a different continent, Kirui outpaced Tim Young by 6 seconds. Tim, a member of the Reebok-Boston TC, ran his leg in his hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia in 15:04. (Photo attached - Weldon Kirui on R, Tim Young on L.)
“I am privileged to represent some exceptional athletes,” said Mengel. “Since they haven’t been able to compete due to the pandemic, it was great to see them race on Saturday and bring their ‘A’ game. More importantly, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of our fans and followers who have opened their pocketbooks to assist families who are tragically caught in the pandemic. We thank each of our supporters who have made a donation. They are the ones who made our race fun, competitive, and a tremendous success.”