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Are your kids going a little stir crazy, looking for new things to do?  "I have the perfect activity – The Dream Big MMarathon which consists of running 26 miles, reading 26 books and doing 26 acts of kindness."  This addresses three important pillars “health and fitness, education and giving back."  This can be done over any period of time – a week, a month, whatever works."

How does it work?

Simply go to and check it out. Hundreds of school children are currently doing the Dream Big Marathon all over the US.  Download (print) the instructions and form - .

Once completed, mail in the form and your children will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and be sent the prestigious Dream Big Marathon medal!  You can also purchase a copy of the book, Dream Big, on ( ).  Proceeds of the book benefit the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation (see ).

Attached are some photos of school appearances as well as a sample of a Dream Big Marathon Program which a school in Texas developed and very successfully conducted for thousands of school children!  I also attached one child’s form I just received back in the mail today!

Please feel free to share this program with anyone you'd like including any local media outlets. The more we can share it, the greater the chance more kids will get the opportunity to do something unique, productive and special during this unprecedented time in our lives.

Be safe and remember "the comeback is always stronger than the setback."

Dave McGillivray