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App for the #20139 Challenge is available - women´s relay team will also attempt the world record, which Eliud Kipchoge achieved at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

2:01:39 Challenge As is well known by now, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, planned for September 26-27, 2020, will not take place due to consideration of the Containment Ordinance on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is also not possible to hold the event at a later date this year, as has been shown by a comprehensive feasibility analysis.

Nevertheless, the weekend of September 26 - 27, 2020, will be dedicated to sport, as athletes from around the world take part in the #2:01:39 Challenge. The goal is to cover as many kilometers as possible in 2:01:39 hours - whether wearing running shoes or inline skates, or aboard a hand bike or wheelchair. 2:01:39 hours is the world record time set by Eliud Kipchoge in 2018 at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

The 2:01:39 Challenge App is available for download
The 2:01:39 Challenge App that you need to participate is available for download for iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play. The free app provides extensive support. In addition to classic tracking and sharing functions, it provides specific rankings. Furthermore, hit running music and audio commentaries create an exciting live experience. At the latest, half an hour before the start of the Challenge you should download the additional audio tracks free of charge from the app's warm-up area (preferably via WLAN). You can participate in the Challenge any time within the period from 00:01 MEST on Saturday, September 26, until 23:59 MEST on Sunday, September 27 (Important: The #20139 Challenge must be run in one shot. Short breaks are possible, of course. But the app's challenge clock continues to run.). For anyone who wants to experience the most intense group feeling of the #berlin42united, we recommend the community start at 9:20 am MEST on Sunday. Then, challengers from all over the world will join the top athletes as they set out in Berlin (see below). 
More Informations:

Cast of the women's relay team
The Elite Men's Relay (see press release from September 10, 2020) will be joined on September 27, 2020, by a quartet of top German female runners to compete in the 2:01:39-hour relay around the Berlin Victory Column (Siegessäule). The following athletes are lined up for the #2:01:39 Challenge:
Anja Scherl (LG Telis Finanz Regensburg) belongs to the national marathon elite. The German Marathon Champion of 2019 was a participant at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Melat Kejeta (Laufteam Kassel) is considered the shooting star of the German marathon scene. At the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019 she debuted as the top German female with a time of 2:23:57 hours.
Christina Gerdes (SCC EVENTS PRO TEAM) convinces with her running potential in cross, as well as on the track and the road. As the German runner-up over 3 x 800 meters, she knows a lot about relays.
Deborah Schöneborn (LG Nord Berlin) found her way to road running via the Modern Pentathlon. The multiple cross-country champion crowned her marathon debut last year with a time of 2:31:18 hours.

Live on rbb television and streaming on
Due to the current situation, viewers can only follow this event, which is taking place in compliance with current COVID hygiene regulations, on screen. September 27 is themed "The Somewhat Different Marathon Day" and will be broadcast live on rbb television from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There is also a live stream on and as well as follow-up reports in the various news formats of rbb television. 

Limited number of journalists
Unfortunately, due to the health measures mandated by the Containment Measures Ordinance on the occasion of the COVID 19 pandemic, there will be no general media accreditation for the #2:01:39 Challenge. A very limited number of media representatives from all relevant areas will be invited on site. SCC EVENTS is offering a comprehensive, free media service for the #2:01:39 Challenge. Further details will follow

Download Video news clip

Video news clip (3:00 Minutes) will be available for download now. The material is free of rights in connection with reporting on the 2:01:39 Challenge and can be downloaded here.

The BMW BERLIN MARATHON is one of the largest marathons in the world. To date, eleven world records have been set on the superfast route (3 by women, 8 by men). Since 2003, all seven men's world records have been achieved on the Berlin route, including the current one in 2:01:39 hours (Eliud Kipchoge), set up in 2018. In 2001, a woman achieved  - for the first time - the dream to undercut 2:20 hours. The Japanese Olympic champion from 2000, Naoko Takahashi, won in 2:19:43 hours.

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM), the group of six leading marathons in the world which was founded in 2006. They comprise the marathons in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. 
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