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Grant Opportunities Announced for Eligible Races

Foundation funds multiple events to receive education on providing medical support NORFOLK, Mass. (January 23, 2017) – Road races worldwide now have the opportunity to access invaluable information on providing medical care to their athletes through a grant awarded by the Matthew Good Foundation, in collaboration with the International Institute of Race Medicine (IIRM). The grant will allow up to 100 eligible events to receive a scholarship to become members of the IIRM for one year. During this time, all event medical volunteers, EMS partners, and area hospitals will have access to the resources provided in the member-only area of the IIRM website.

The site includes guidelines for treating multiple medical conditions, as well as samples of medical records forms developed by medical directors at the prominent marathons around the world. “We also have many educational videos that address topics
related to race medicine and provide helpful instruction for those caring for the athletes on race day,” says IIRM Executive Director Chris Troyanos, ATC. “Recipients of the grant will not only be tapped into the resources on our website, they will also become part of a network of sports medicine professionals who share similar interests and can exchange information on best practices.”

Events from various countries and regions from around the globe will be considered, with seventy-five percent of all approved applicants coming from outside the continental United States.

“The Matthew Good Foundation stresses the importance for medical support education to reach all mass participatory athletic events,” adds Troyanos. “Therefore, in addition to road races [park runs, 5K, 10K, half marathons, and full marathons], we
welcome applications from triathlons, trail events, swimming, bike races, ultra-events, obstacle course events, and charity walks.” And all recipients will be required to provide post-race event data in a 20-question format to be used in a comprehensive medical report showing trends in weather, field size, event types, and injury rates. “This document will further our understanding of what to expect and how to appropriately respond in order to promote ideal outcomes for the athlete,” says Troyanos.

To apply for this grant, please send a request for application guidelines to Barbara Baldwin at

The Matthew Good Foundation (East Yorkshire, England) was founded in July 2011 with its initial project aimed at education and research into the issues surrounding the death of its namesake, who passed away in June of the same year while running for

The International Institute for Race Medicine is a worldwide collaboration of medical professionals who are working together to further research, education, and medical best practices in marathons and other endurance events throughout the world.

To learn more about the IIRM, go to

Matthew Good Foundation

Grant Requirements for Membership into IIRM

1. Grants will be awarded to applicants from a variety of events including park runs, 5K, 10K, half marathons and full marathons, as well as triathlons, trail events, swimming, bike races, ultra-events, obstacle course events and charity walks.

2. It is required that events have a designated physician medical director, coordinator or public safety liaison who can act as a key contact with the IIRM.

3. The grant will cover the full cost of an IIRM membership. As an event member of the IIRM, you will be able to share the website information with all event medical volunteers, EMS partners and area hospitals. Each grant recipient will be required to provide their contact information and medical designations. (Note: IIRM will not share this information with outside vendors or sponsors.)

4. The IIRM membership grant is valid for one year. Upon its conclusion, the event will have the option to renew its IIRM membership at a discounted rate of $200 per year.

5. In choosing grant recipients, the IIRM will take strong consideration to include various countries and regions from around the globe. Seventy-five percent of all approved recipients will be accepted as members from outside the continental United States.

6. All grant recipients are required to complete the IIRM’s post-race reporting tool listed on the website’s homepage, which consists of 20 questions. IIRM researchers will then interpret this data and compile it with de-identified data from other events to help provide our industry with a comprehensive medical report showing trends in weather, field size, event types and injury rates. Each participating event will be included as a contributor on the final presentation paper.

7. All grant recipients must provide their logo to the IIRM for inclusion on its website as an IIRM partner.

To apply for this grant, please send a paragraph outlining your event’s history, what type of medical care you have previously offered, and all requested contact information (see below) to IIRM Executive Assistant Barbara Baldwin, MPH at All applicants who have been awarded the grant will receive a confirmation and an event code to join the IIRM within 10 days of receipt.

Application should include:
1. Event name, race date, and website address
2. Name and contact information for the Event Director
3. Name and contact information for the Medical Director/Coordinator
4. Field size
5. Event type