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RRW: IAAF Labeling System is Broken

David Monti believes that "if you need any more evidence that the IAAF labeling system is broken, look at the results of C&D Xiamen International Marathon".

"The top-10 women are all from one country (Ethiopia), yet the race earned a Gold Label which requires at least five women from five different countries who possess Gold Label status (sub-2:28/1:11/32:00 in the preceding 36 months)." Monti asks "How is this possible? Because organizers recruit athletes with no intention of finishing to window-dress their fields. In this case, the organizers didn't even list the names of these DNF's, nor were they mentioned in the IAAF's official report. The Gold Label, at least in terms of helping to define an elite field, is totally meaningless now."

WOMEN (gun times) -
1. Meseret Mengistu Biru, ETH 2:25:58 USD 40,000
2. Workenesh Edesa, ETH 2:26:27 15,000
3. Melkam Gizaw, ETH 2:26:47 8,000
4. Guteni Shone, ETH 2:29:58 5,000
5. Meseret Legese, ETH 2:30:09 3,000
6. Gebaynesh Ayele, ETH 2:34:07 2,000
7. Biruk Tilahun, ETH 2:34:21 1,500
8. Yesimbet Tadesse, ETH 2:40:31 1,000
9. Dadiso Kuftu Tahir, ETH 2:42:59
10. Workitu Ayanu Gurmu, ETH 2:43:58
11. Kong Jie, CHN 3:04:48