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Endurance and Sports Medicine
The Journal of the International Institute for Race Medicine


Endurance and Sports Medicine will consider for publication, original papers focusing on the broad range of sports medicine issues generally related to endurance sports on and off the race course.The journal has two primary goals when selecting papers for publication: 1) to provide insight and education for physicians and other health care professionals who volunteer at endurance events, and 2) to speak directly to those in the sports medicine community who are conducting research, teaching, providing patient care in a clinical or advisory setting, or striving to encourage healthier lifestyles for patients and themselves. To ensure quality, submitted manuscripts are subject to review and jury processes.
General Submission Guidelines for All Categories
Manuscripts with the clearest relevance to Endurance and Sports Medicine will be given the highest priority.Publishable topics include, but may not be limited to, management of medical care at endurance events and issues of general interest related to training, nutrition, psychology, and other acute and chronic sports medicine matters (i.e. prevention, injury, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and recovery).
If charts, figures or illustrations are excerpted from another publication, permission for use must be included (these files should be attached separately from the Word document). The authors' full names, degrees, and professional affiliations should be included, as well as contact information.

Citations: References should be cited in numerical order in parenthesis in the textand listed in the same order at the end of the text. It is requested that authors follow the format shown in the "National Library of Medicine’s Citation Manual" shown at the links below.Journal title abbreviations should be written in accordance with the PubMed Journal Database.

Research Articles
Research articles are manuscripts that present and discuss original (not confirmatory) research with a clear application to Endurance and Sports Medicine as broadly outlined above.Studies must describe hypothesis testing, not hypothesis generation; provide robust statistics; and must be important and interesting to our readership.

Format Guidelines: The format for submission includes a 250 word abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusion and reference sections. Acknowledgements (such as sources of funding and other disclosures) will be footnoted at the bottom of the first page.Word count for manuscripts is 2,500 to 5,000 words, exclusive of tables, figure legends, and references.

Submit manuscripts via e-mail as an attached Word document to Managing Editor Barbara Baldwin, MPH, at .
Talking About Training
This column will accept manuscripts that discuss all subjects related to contemporary training issues ranging from training philosophies and methodologies, sports psychology, physiology of exercise, nutrition, kinesiology, and training tools while incorporating concepts of life-long fitness and wellness for a broad range of sport.

Format Guidelines: Manuscript format is flexible and should be appropriate to the subject and style of the author.

Submit manuscripts of 1,000 to 1,800 words via e-mail as an attached Word document to Journal Committee Chair Dr. Douglas Munch at
Experience Tells Us
Educational articles should be based on personal race-day, clinical, or training experience related to the subject matter of the journal.

Submit manuscripts of 1,000 to 1,800 words via e-mail as an attached Word document to Journal Committee Chair Dr. Douglas Munch at
Submission Deadlines
Fall/Winter Issue: September 5 (November e-publication)
Spring Issue: January 5 (March e-publication)
Summer Issue: May 5 (June e-publication)

If you have questions, please contact the IIRM.